Beauty Routine

Jessica Moler (left) and Nicole Lobdell, owners of Hand + Land in Park Place.
Jessica Moler (left) and Nicole Lobdell, owners of Hand + Land in Park Place.

Jessica Molen, co-owner of Park Place’s Hand + Land, shares her beauty routine

Jessica Moler and her cousin, Nicole Lobdell, opened Park Place’s Hand + Land last summer after seeing a need for natural beauty products in the K.C. area. What resulted was a space offering small batch goods that use minimal ingredients. We caught up with Jessica to get the lowdown on her personal beauty routine, past beauty mistakes and her must-haves.

What’s your beauty mantra? 

Reinvent yourself as often as possible.

What is your daily beauty routine like?

I begin each morning with a cup of hot lemon water to rehydrate, flush out toxins and a boost of vitamin C, which is needed for collagen production and a healthy immune system. 

My hair is relatively low maintenance. On the days I wash it, I use Stop The Water While Using Me! Rosemary Grapefruit Shampoo and John Masters Citrus & Neroli Detangler. On cooler mornings, I’ll blow the roots dry and let the ends dry naturally. The days I don’t wash it, (about every other day)  I love using Captain Blankenship’s Mermaid Dry Shampoo and Sea Salt Hair Spray to absorb excess oil and give my locks some sexy oomph, plus the intoxicating smell carries me through the day! Mid-day I like to use some kind of oil to tame flyaways and reduce static. Right now I’m using Marble and Milkweed’s Nourishing Body Oil because of its luxurious scent of rose otto, cardamom and Australian sandalwood. 

I believe that skin care is all about the ritual of self love. I enjoy taking the time to care for my skin and find the act meditative. Mornings I use cool water, Marble & Milkweed Rose & Chamomile Facial Tonic and Herbal Gypsies Feather Face Oil. Evenings I cleanse with Meow Meow Tweet Cream Cleanser and once a week apply Om Aroma Manuka Honey Mask to draw out impurities and brighten skin. All followed by my toner and face oil, Bottega Organica Eye Illuminate Cream and a quick massage with my jade facial roller. 

What beauty products/services do you splurge on?

I like to get my glow on with an acupuncture treatment every 4-6 weeks. When we’re stressed, our Qi (energy pathways) become blocked causing digestion issues, skin flare ups and negative outbursts. Acupuncture helps balance my energy levels, increases circulation and addresses my overall health. I leave feeling completely blissed out.

I also LOVE a relaxing holistic facial. I’m a big fan of Milagro Midwestern Spa, their concept and the wonderful women who work there.

I am looking forward to my first Ayurvedic facial treatment at Sage Center for Yoga & Healing Arts at the end of this month with natural beauty expert, Jen Denslow.

What are your favorite at-home remedies?

A hot bath! Stepping up your bath game takes very little effort and can help alleviate sore muscles, dry skin, colds and most importantly-a tired mind. I like to use 2 cups of epsom salt with a few drops of essential oils. Right now I am loving geranium and patchouli but I also like adding raw milk, steeped chamomile or dried rose buds for extra luxury and healing.

What’s the best beauty tip you’ve been given? 

Don’t neglect your décolletage (neck and chest) which can easily show signs of aging – every time you cleanse, moisturize or exfoliate remember to give that area some love.

What are your biggest beauty mistakes?

I’ve had a lot. One of my most memorable was using off brand Pepto Bismol as a face mask. I had read in some teeny bop magazine that the stomach relief liquid was a great way to shrink pores and dry excess oil. After multiple attempts, my face was stained bubblegum pink for a few days :/

What one product could you not live without?

I have very sensitive skin that breaks out in cystic acne whenever I use a product that clogs my pores, (i.e. coconut oil) so I LOVE Meow Meow Tweet Spot Serum. The organic oils contain antibacterial properties that prevent blemishes and dry up existing ones. 

What one product/service will you never try?

Tanning beds! Actively increasing my chance of cancer and premature aging, no thanks. 

When do you feel the most beautiful? 

I believe in the power of scent. Smelling sweet, spicy or floral depending on my mood helps me feel feminine, grounded, mysterious and powerful. That is my beautiful.   

How has opening Hand + Land influenced or changed your outlook on beauty

I’ve realized how personal beauty can be, what works for me is going to be different for someone else. Opening Hand & Land has given me the chance to hear the unique stories and help people find products that help them live healthier happier lives.

What ingredient/product has been a beauty game changer for you? 

Oils! I know Nicole mentioned this but I don’t think we can stress it enough! 

I used to have incredibly oily skin and different oils have helped restore balance and repair my acne prone skin, strengthen hair and relieve dry patches on my legs and arms. 

What do you want women to know about beauty and skincare?

Be aware. Your health and the environment is impacted by what you’re spraying, smearing and lathering.

I wanted to bring up the importance of organic vs. non-organic tampons. Conventional cotton uses 26% of the world’s pesticide. If I am putting organic food in my body and natural products on my skin, why would I risk putting chemical fertilizers and chlorine into my delicate lady bits? Just a thought. 

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