The Science of Skincare

The top-secret recipe behind La Prairie’s legendary Cellular Complex.

Tonight, as you gently dab on your night cream or serum, imagine that you’re using a product so cutting edge that it must be made in three different locations—simply to ensure no one discovers the full formula.

This is the top-secret recipe behind La Prairie’s legendary Cellular Complex, a scientific signature of the Swiss-born skincare brand. Made with glycoproteins, ginseng root and horsetail extracts that work together to stimulate the skin’s natural repair process, this anti-aging complex has beat at the heart of nearly every La Prairie product since the brand debuted its first eye cream in 1978.

In this trio of iconic La Prairie products, the Cellular Complex is paired with luxurious ingredients like diamonds and pure caviar extracts, which work in unique ways to improve the appearance of firmness, elasticity and tone of your skin.

 Skin Caviar Luxe Cream – Sheer, $430

When you think of rich, velvety skin cream encased in a sparkling glass jars—the kind you’ve eyed at beauty counters since before you knew the word retinol—you’re envisioning the original Skin Caviar. Debuted almost 30 years ago, this cream was instantly iconic for its lifting and firming powers. This is its newer, sheerer sister, designed for those who prefer silky and light products with equally powerful results.

Skin Caviar Crystalline Concentre, $430

What goes better with caviar than diamonds? Made with a combination of these luxurious ingredients, this firming serum is all about reconstituting the elasticity in the skin that weakens with age. Not only will your cheekbones look plumper after a few drops, but this serum’s sparkly ingredients also give the skin a subtle glow.

Skin Caviar Liquid Lift, $525

There are several products on the market that claim to provide a facelift in a bottle, but few carry as much clout as this one. After the first application, you’ll feel an immediate lift as natural tensing agents begin to work. But rest assured the effects are long lasting (the nourishing caviar extracts help improve the skin’s barrier function to keep moisture in, longer) and far reaching (Liquid Lift’s advanced tri-peptide helps rebuild skin and smooth existing wrinkles).

All products available at Halls on Grand.