Item of the Week

The must-have volume spray that’s (almost) as light as air

Full, voluminous hair can be hard to come by if you’re not born with the luxury of thick locks. And although a number of texture sprays have entered the haircare market recently, most leave a sticky residue behind that’s less than ideal.

Which is why the launch of Living Proof’s Full Dry Volume Blast is a gift from above. The new formula promises full results without the stiffness, thanks to their patented aero-spheres called ETAS.

According to Living Proof, the ETAS act like popcorn kernels that “permanently inflate to the optimal size and stay light.” Translation: A few pumps of this product will give your hair the beachy texture you desire without the salty aftermath.

“It’s a great product when your hair needs more volume and some texture,” one reviewer wrote. “I put this product in 2nd day hair and it made my hair look and feel thicker. I couldn’t stop touching my hair!”

“I love this spray,” another said. “It delivers full volume and texture on my straight hair. My hair looks full and thick and the volume doesn’t fall flat soon after like some of the other texture sprays I’ve tried.”

Full Dry Volume Blast will be available beginning Sept. 1 at area Sephora and Ulta stores for $29. Travel-size bottles will be available for $15. Read more about the new product here.

See how the spray works below: