Beauty Routine

Kelly Ragsdale (left) and Ashley Patton, owners of Posh KC
Kelly Ragsdale (left) and Ashley Patton, owners of Posh KC

Kelly Ragsdale and Ashley Patton, owners of Posh KC, share their must-haves and biggest beauty mistakes

Last year, Kelly Ragsdale and Ashley Patton opened the doors of Posh KC Blow Dry Bar in the Power and Light District. But the downtown spot isn’t just for blowouts and updos. The chic space also offers makeup application, bridal packages, deep conditioning treatments and memberships for beauty devotees.

It’s safe to say Kelly and Ashley are passionate about beauty, so we got the details on their favorite products, what services they indulge in and what beauty truly means to them.

What’s your beauty mantra?

K&A: That really cliché Audrey Hepburn quote, “Happiest girls are the prettiest girls.”

What is your daily beauty routine like?

K: Definitely a Posh KC blowout to start the week! Throughout the week, I usually only need a quick touch up with dry shampoo—I use Unite Eurotherapy 7Seconds Refresher and then use Unite Texturiza to fluff and add volume. I wear minimal makeup most days—usually just Jane Iredale BB Cream and eyeliner.

A: Working in the beauty industry tends to have its benefits! I get a Posh KC blowout once a week. I pair that with monthly facials from Bare Med Spa. For my daily skin care routine, I use IS Clinical skincare products along with the Jane Iredale makeup line.

What beauty products/services do you splurge on?

K&A: Anything and everything at Bare Med Spa and eyelash extensions! We love SpaSkinsational and Summit Plastic Surgery for NovaLash eyelash extensions.

What was your first experience with makeup like?

K: Terrible! I remember getting ready to go out with my friends and putting on a ton of silver glitter eyeshadow and heavy black eyeliner. My mom made me go wash it off before leaving the house.

A: Honestly, I don’t remember my first time trying makeup. I was a tomboy forever and didn’t know anything about makeup. I think it was all just terrible until after college. Too much glitter, orange bronzer, etc.

What’s the best beauty tip you’ve been given?

K: Beauty is on the inside, not the outside!

A: Less is more.

What are your biggest beauty mistakes?

K: Definitely the heavy black eyeliner. Also trying to pick out my own foundation at a drugstore.

A: Overplucked eyerbrows! I never realized how important eyebrows were until it was too late. I ended up getting my eyebrows micro-stroked (tattooed) in order to fix them.

What one product could you not live without? 

K: Jane Iredale Lip Drink in “Flirt” is my favorite tinted chapstick. I keep a LipDrink in my purse, computer bag and gym bag. I put it on all day!

A: Jane Iredale Purepressed Powder and BB Cream. I contour everyday.

What one product/service will you never try?

K: There’s a spa in New York that offers facials infused with bird poop—no further explanation needed.

A: I am pretty open to most products and services. I do agree with Kelly though!

When do you feel the most beautiful?

K: It sounds weird, but after finishing a really challenging workout. I feel like seeing results of hard work is authentic beauty. I love getting dolled up at Posh, but I also like to feel good about myself without hair or makeup.

A: Kelly is spot on with this one.

What did the women in your life teach you about beauty?

K: Like our moms and grandmas always tell us: You don’t need makeup! We’re believers in doing whatever makes you feel best about yourself, but beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colors and it should be celebrated.

What motivated you to open Posh?

K: It was originally just a random idea—I don’t think we ever thought it would happen. Once we told our friends and families about the idea, they encouraged us to go for it, so we did! Best decision ever.

What has Posh taught you about beauty?

K&A: Initially we really liked the superficial aspect—hair and makeup. Everyone has insecurities, and we love seeing our clients feel confident and happy when they leave Posh KC after their services. It’s a great feeling to be a part of helping someone feel beautiful.

Education is important. Most women do not know what products to use and why. We think the key to feeling more confident with makeup is to be educated about the techniques and the products.

What ingredient/product has been a beauty game changer for you?

K&A: Unite 7seconds Refresher! This dry shampoo doesn’t leave a white residue and helps make your blowout last even when we work out every day.

What are your favorite haircare products?

K&A: Everything Unite Eurotherapy, but specifically ULuxury shampoo and conditioner. It has crushed pearl and honey and smells amazing.

Who are your beauty icons 

K: Margot Robbie—I think she is so gorgeous, but she is also always so classy in her interviews as well. You never hear her bad mouthing other people.

A: Jennifer Lopez— she doesn’t age. She is naturally beautiful and confident in everything she does.