Float Trip

The details on the newest spa trend, float therapy

If you like to unwind by floating on a raft in the pool, the latest trend in wellness might be for you. Float therapy, which has been found to curb stress, depression and anxiety and improve sleep quality when done regularly, involves lying in a small pool filled with about 10 inches of warm water so salty you float (just as the Dead Sea naturally keeps swimmers buoyant). The pool is enclosed in a darkened, soundproof room or tank about the size of a walk-in closet to help floaters experience what’s called sensory deprivation—a hiatus from the distractions of the outside world. The point is to literally do nothing (a tall order in today’s overly scheduled world) so one’s brain and body can enter a state of pure, deep relaxation. Sold? Get your float on at Floating KC in Waldo, Theta REST in Overland Park and The Spa at Briarcliff in Briarcliff Village. Tanks at each vary in style and price with sessions ranging from $40 to $75 for a 60-minute float.