The lash lift is the new, natural way to enhance your eyes

Lashes and brows are still the areas of emphasis when it comes to beauty in 2018. For brows, the trend is to go big or go home. While lashes are still important, the look tends to be full and natural as opposed to overdone. Women are finding that an old-school treatment can give them the natural lift and curl that they are looking for.

Women have been perming their lashes since the 1970s. But with advances in technology and safer ingredients, lash perming is making a comeback. Sally Springs, of Brow and Brow has been doing the “lash lift” for the past two years in her Kansas City studio. She was trained in Los Angeles and uses a product line from Europe that is free of all the harsh chemicals associated with a perm.

Over-the-top lashes became popular with extensions a few years ago, but the expense and maintenance make the upkeep difficult. Typically with lash extensions, the initial cost is $100 to $200 for the first set, and then you have to get them filled every 3 to 4 weeks. The cost for a fill can be anywhere from $50 to $100 each time. You have to be careful of what cleansers and makeup you use, as oil-based products can make the extensions fall out. They also have to be combed every day to prevent tangling.

Springs prefers the lash lift over extensions “because it creates more of a natural look, which is much more my style. The lash lift is a lot less maintenance and doesn’t have the risk of skin irritation like the extensions,” she says. Perfect for sensitive skin and eyes, the product Springs uses includes no harsh chemicals and everything that touches the eyelid is water-based.

The lash lift works in three stages. First, a silicone form that is curved to the lash is applied. Then Springs perfectly organizes each lash onto that curved form. She applies three solutions to lift the lashes, fix the lashes in place and nourish them. The process takes about an hour from start to finish.

Once the lash lift has been applied, no maintenance is required. The only restriction is that you can’t get the lashes wet for 48 hours. Just like the old-school perms from the ‘80s, you have to let the perm set before getting it wet. Springs recommends no washing, sweat, steam or eye makeup for 48 hours.

As someone who has had eyelash extensions before, I was excited to try the lash lift. Extensions always irritated my eyes, and it’s nice to have an option that is pretty low-maintenance. The end result is not as dramatic or as full as extensions, but the lift, curl, and tint of the lashes leave you looking a little more bright-eyed and fresh without having to add a touch of eye makeup.

Lash Lift Basics

The cost is $165 and the lift will last 8 to 10 weeks. The appointment is only an hour and is not painful or irritating to the eyes. Visit Sally Springs at Brow and Brow, 8301 State Line Road, Suite 104 or email to book an appointment.