How Gina Holmberg of Within Apothecary made the switch to all-natural products


The world of natural beauty products can be overwhelming. As more people learn about the harmful chemicals we ingest and use on our skin, there is more demand for safer products. What was a small industry just a few years ago is now one that is hard to keep up with.  

Gina Holmberg is a local makeup artist with over 20 years of experience in cosmetics. After having her second child, she dealt with fatigue, brain fog, bloating and headaches. She wasn’t feeling herself and she knew she needed to make a change. 

After consulting with a holistic practitioner, she learned how important diet and quality beauty products are to well being. She started over by cleaning up the things she was eating and doing what she never imagined she’d do—throwing out every single cosmetic product she had! 

A lot of products say they are “all natural,” but, many are just as bad as any other product on the shelf. After endless amounts of research, Holmberg began to find the cleanest and most effective products for herself and her clients. This passion led to the idea of having her own shop, and now she has the perfect space inside Finefolk in the Crossroads Arts District. 

No matter what your skin type or budget, there is something for you at Within Apothecary. Holmberg has tested every product in her shop, and creates a custom skincare regimen based on individual needs. She also has multiple cosmetics lines and recommends upgrading lipsticks first. Many conventional lip products are filled with harmful chemicals that don’t belong near the mouth. 

Within’s apothecary section has remedies to heal you from the inside out. She carries products to help with stress, sleep, immunity, energy, skin and hormones. Alexis Smart flower remedies are even formulated for kids.

Within Apothecary

Located in Finefolk, 122 Southwest Boulevard