Toss the curler and lift your lashes

If you’re a sucker for gorgeous eyelashes—longer, darker, perfectly curled—a new trend in lash treatments may be for you. It’s called a lash lift. In short, it’s a new take on the old-fashioned lash perms. It gently gives lashes a prominent curve that lasts up to eight weeks so you can skip using a lash curler.

The service involves putting pads or rods on top of the eyelids, carefully guiding lashes over them, and then applying setting and neutralizing solutions to lashes. The pads create a bend at the base, but leave the tips straight, while the rods achieve a similar look by only applying the lifting solution from base to mid-lash (the same place a curler would crimp them) and leaving the ends free. Both take about 45 minutes—an hour if you add a tint to darken lashes—and the result is fluttering, eye-framing fringe. “It creates an illusion that lashes are longer,” says Kristine Kay, owner of Kristine Kay Skin Spa in Waldo. “It opens up your entire face giving you that bright-eyed look.”

Lash lifts gained momentum after a few celebrity makeup artists posted before-and-after photos on social media. Bijin Salon and Spa in Prairie Village saw the trend coming and added the service before the holidays as an alternative to lash extensions. “The lash lift and tint doesn’t give you the density of extensions,” says Nancy White, an esthetician at Bijin. It’s a more natural-looking result, she says, and it’s safe to add density with mascara after the treatment although you may not feel you need to, especially if you add the tint. The lift is lower maintenance than extensions since it doesn’t require getting fills every few weeks.

It can be a game changer for lashes that are straight, struggle to hold a curl all day because they’re coarse, or are difficult to thoroughly capture in a curler because of eye shape, says Kay.

Skip the lash lift if you’re allergic to adhesives, are currently undergoing chemotherapy, or if you have extremely thin, fine lashes.


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