The Fall Brews Are Ready

As the seasons change, so do the beers. That is, most craft beer brewers these days have seasonal varieties that come and go quickly, just like that first draft of autumn in the air.

The Martin City Brewing Co. is just such an operation. Matt Moore, co-founder with Chancie Adams of the brewery and taproom back in 2011, is anticipating the introduction of at least three fall brews in September.

“Oktoberfest begins in September, you know,” Moore explained. “And late September is when we’ll be tapping into our Oktoberfest variety. Oktoberfest is a malty German “fest” beer that we brew in celebration of the Prince of Bavaria,” he says, “… or whatever. It’s one of our most popular beers served only on tap, and when it’s gone, it’s gone.”

Moore is also enthusiastic about two beers that will be distributed locally, both on tap and in cans. “We’ve got Operation Yoga Pants, which is a gluten-free golden ale. And it is phenomenal; this is our fourth time brewing it,” he says. “Then we’ll have our Belgian Abbey Ale, which is produced in bourbon barrels, giving it a slight bourbon and oaky flavor.”

As with many in the craft brewing fraternity, Moore is looking forward to tasting the products of his brewery peers area-wide. “I’m all about drinking good beers,” he says.