Off the Wall

Bridgett Turner and Kelly Porter of Porter Teleo create the company’s wallcovering and fabric designs in their Shawnee studio.
Bridgett Turner and Kelly Porter of Porter Teleo create the company’s wallcovering and fabric designs in their Shawnee studio.

In their new line with Perennials, the women behind Porter Teleo put a new twist on performance fabric

Bold and beautiful, the hand-painted wallcovering and fabric designs of Porter Teleo’s Bridgett Turner and Kelly Porter have made them a household name among interior designers. The duo behind the Kansas City-based design company recently expanded their work to include a line with Perennials Luxury Performance Fabrics.  The fabric and rug line, which features six new designs in 15 colorways, marries Porter Teleo’s fine art to Perennials’ durability.

Did you envision your career as a fabric and wallpaper creator, or has that evolved over time?   

Bridgett Turner: It seemed very unrealistic. When Kelly and I were having initial conversations about the business, we were talking about printing. My dream was to have a textile line. We started with wallpaper and about five years ago started a fabric line. It’s an amazing thing to have happen in life, to have your dreams realized.

How is designing for Perennials different than designing for your own line?

Kelly Porter: We had to keep everyone in mind, not just our typical clients. The scale colorations for sure were done differently. When we create at Porter Teleo, we’re always looking to be cutting edge. And I don’t know that every company has that desire. We can take risks on our own forecast, whereas larger companies have to pay attention to what has sold in the past.

Where did your inspiration for the fabric designs come from?

BT: There are a couple of fabrics that were plucked from Porter Teleo’s line, like Tangled. We’re kind of known for it; so when people see that, it makes them think Porter Teleo. We did a version of Tangled; what we gave them were actual paintings and they interpreted those into the woven patterns. They were really able to nail the brushwork.

How do you envision customers using the Perennials line in their homes?

KP: I think the line can go indoors as much as outdoors, and that’s the nice and sometimes surprising thing for people. It’s so soft and luxurious that you can use it anywhere. It’s great for people that have kids or pets or want something to last a really long time. The fabrics are great for drapery, because all of the patterns we created with Perennials are reversible—you don’t have to line it.

Home of the Braves

The work of Porter Teleo has been used in the homes of high-profile clients across the country, but the company’s latest installation is on a much bigger scale.

Porter Teleo recently teamed up with local architecture firm Populous to bring one of their signature prints, Tangled, to SunTrust Park, home of the Atlanta Braves.

“It’s going to give this really fun, vibrant energy to the space,” Porter says. “It’s such an energetic pattern.”

The pattern will be printed in the Braves’ signature colors and will be featured in a club level space behind home plate. The wallcovering will be installed in the next few months, Turner says.

“It will be made here by Kansas City artists,” Porter says. “It’s a great thing for the city itself and the design and creative community.”