Obsessed: Tim Morrison of 2010 Gallery sees the art in rock ‘n’ roll

Tim Morrison has spent 25 years working in fine art, but his obsession is rock ‘n’ roll.

At work, Morrison — who is director of the 2010 Gallery in Praire Village —helps people collect fine art. He also plans events, classes and workshops. At home, he appreciates the art of rock.

A great painter or sculptor is “in the same category as a rock star,” he said.

Morrison comes by his obsession honestly.

“I used to be a drummer in a rock band back in the day, but I’m an old married guy with kids now. The rock star lifestyle went away,” he said. “When we were getting signed to a local record label, I didn’t want to live in a van, so I quit the band.”

Morrison still plays occasionally with friends, but mostly enjoys music from the other side of the stage. He goes to a lot of concerts, and travels to see musicians perform live when he can’t see them locally. Morrison enjoys all kinds of styles, from indie to progressive.

“I’m a big fan of (English musician) Steven Wilson, who no one has ever heard of,” Morrison said. “I went to L.A. to see (jazz guitarist) Pat Metheny, who is originally from Lee’s Summit.”

He also appreciates the art of the performance. His favorite concerts in Kansas City include seeing King Crimson at the Madrid Theatre in the early 2000s and Pink Floyd at Arrowhead Stadium in 1988 and 1994.

“Those shows were great,” Morrison said.