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The Golden Girls as you’ve never seen them before. Clockwise from top left: Ron Megee, Chadwick Brooks, Gary Campbell and  Jon Cupit.
The Golden Girls as you’ve never seen them before. Clockwise from top left: Ron Megee, Chadwick Brooks, Gary Campbell and Jon Cupit.

Q&A with Ron Megee

Late Night is back. No, we’re not talking about Seth Meyers taking over for Jimmy Fallon. Better yet, it’s Late Night with Ron Megee, as in the local Late Night Theatre of a few years ago. Last month, some of the old troupe reunited for Golden! Girls Gone Wild!!!, a comedic spoof on the Golden Girls sitcom at Missie B’s that was the first Late Night show since the troupe stopped performing in 2007. We caught up with Ron Megee, the creator and face of Late Night Theatre, to talk about the recent show, what he’s been doing since his Late Night days, and, most important, the possibility of more Late Night Theatre shows to come.

Spaces: First, let’s talk about the decision to get the band back together again, so to speak. What made you bring back Late Night Theatre?

Ron Megee: We’re trying to figure out how [the March show] plays out and if this is something to bring back to the city, if there’s an interest. And there is already. We’re at almost 70 percent sold out [in mid-Feb]. There certainly is a calling for it, for our weird band of misfits doing shows. We’ve had such an incredible response from our fans and public that I can totally see another show down the turnpike.

Late Night started out really raw. We were in dirty coffeehouses, basements—we were in a porn palace for a while. We were better off when we were raw. It’s when we became too big and had our own space that made us crumble under the weight. If I brought [Late Night] back, I’d want it to be at a more bohemian level again.

S: Does your new venue, Missie B’s, play into that?

RM: Missie B’s has completely stepped up and made us a cabaret space to do a show. It’s really fun. It’s something different. I want people to experience something different.

Right now across America, a lot of theaters are moving into bars because they can’t afford to have their own spaces. It’s happened in Chicago. Oklahoma City has bar theater. Isn’t that crazy? It’s so wild. We’re just jumping on a bandwagon.

S: It does sound like more Late Night Theatre is a possibility. What can fans look forward to?

RM: Missy Koonce and Jessica Dressler are looking at shows for the entire female troupe to do. For the male troupe, we’re looking at a parody of maybe Steel Magnolias or Beaches. We’re looking at The Facts of Life. We’re dabbling back into what made us happy.

S: Where else can fans see Ron Megee?

RM: Coming up in April and May is Schoolhouse Rock Live!, which I’m directing and I’m in at the Coterie. Then I go right into the Coterie’s Chitty Chitty Bang Bang as the Child Catcher this summer.

I do a Broadway show-tune night. It’s just me, on Wednesdays at Industry, which is owned by the same guys who own Hamburger Mary’s. I also have a character called Anna Full Axis. She’s a sassy 1960s divorcee who lives at the Walnuts on the Plaza. She does shows around town. She has a show every Friday at Missie B’s and on First Friday at Hamburger Mary’s with Dirty Dorothy.

Right now I’m enjoying hiding out in our 1884 Victorian home and doing different things in life. I’m going through a midlife crisis—I’ll just be honest. And I don’t want a Corvette, so this is how I’m going to do it.

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