What the Pros Know

Kansas City design professionals give their best advice for homeowners


“We find a common mistake is that homeowners have a problem furnishing their new open-concept floor plans. They love the open, large areas, but tend to purchase furniture that isn’t an appropriate scale for all that space. With taller ceilings and larger rooms, it’s important to be cognizant of the visual mass your furniture will provide. Be sure to measure before purchasing, and pay extra attention to dimensions. Leave the dollhouse furniture to your kids.”

-Kat Benson, Nest Interiors


“People don’t consider their lifestyle first. They want to try every new trend without accepting if it fits how they live. You can end up with the most beautiful interior, but if you can’t work around it, you’ll end up hating it. Not editing is a close second. Homeowners gather too many ideas, color choices or product samples. Get help from a pro you admire and have them pare everything down to a workable direction for your entire home.”

-Debbie Dusenberry, Curious Sofa at Top Hat Mercantile


“Trust your gut instinct. The right size chandelier can alter the way an entire room feels. However, sometimes people change their minds at the last minute opting for a smaller size rather than trusting their instinct. Or they find a boldly patterned wallpaper that makes their heart happy, but they talk themselves out of it. Instead say “yes” to your gut instinct, and you will find that it will lead you to a space that makes your heart happy.

Being on-trend in life is fun. However, what’s even better is designing to your own tune. Don’t be afraid to create the next trend or to do what you truly love even if it isn’t the color of the year.”

-Jennifer Bertrand, Jennifer Bertrand Design