Kitchen Color

Q: I’m moving into a new house, but I think I’ll only be there a short time. Is an all-white kitchen the best way to go?

— Nancy Wilson

A: The late Van Day Truex, a Kansas native who is often credited with being the dean of modern day design, is often quoted as saying that all kitchens should be white. I do think some real estate agents would say the same. While I’m somewhat organically attracted to white kitchens myself, I’d encourage you to follow your heart. Whether you love to cook or loathe it, you’ll spend a lot of time there; you should love it. If yellow makes you happy, make it yellow. If blue and white feeds your soul, then blue and white it is. I had an apple green kitchen once that made my heart sing, and that house wasn’t on the market a day. Live with what you love.

— Patricia O’Dell Shackelford

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