Layer Up

Kansas City experts weigh in on adding interest to small spaces

“Building layers in a confined space can evoke a warm and inviting mood. I’m especially fond of layered rugs, artwork leaned in groupings against the wall at floor level and stacks of books. Lots and lots of books. Use directional lighting to highlight these collections and you’ll never want to leave the room.”

-Steve Rogers, Owner, Prize Antiques


“In a way, layering in small spaces makes the room feel bigger. It gives you so much to look at, while a spare space may just feel like an empty box.”

-Kurt Knapstein, Knapstein Design


“I don’t know anything about not layering. Some times we get on a kick at home about editing, but it’s unavoidable. It just fills back up.”

-Christopher Filley, Christopher Filley Antiques


“The layering process is about adding depth, and that is the very last stage of the process for a client and designer. At that point you know each other really well and can dedicate the space to pieces that they love—including pictures and family pieces. When you know them well enough, it’s easy to balance high and low and vintage and modern. That’s when the depth of textures sings.”

-Stephanie Ulsh, Owner, Style & Co.