The Right Mix

Kansas City pros offer advice on stylish decorating

“I love ultra modern, contemporary furniture on an antique carpet. It captures the history of what was classic then to what will be classic in the future.”

-Eddie Michael Sandridge, Alejandro Design Studio


“Buy good basics that can be reupholstered and moved around as your taste changes. I rely on rich colors and neutrals and let good art and other focal points bring the bling. Beautiful things bring a complexity that builds layers rather than creating a cacophony competing for attention.”

-Kathy Kelly, Folkus


“It’s just like with our wardrobe. Classic pieces stand the test of time, but we bring fresh new pieces to liven it up. A traditional dining table with contemporary chairs and modern accessories is a great look. The art is in the mix! ”

-Natalie O’Shaughnessy, O’Home


“A lot of people have classic furniture pieces that are family keepsakes—a buffet or a chest, for example. I find that the best way to incorporate them into a fresh design is to place abstract expressionist art or a hip, modern mirror above them and accent with chic lamps and accessories.”

-Jan Kyle, Jan Kyle Designs