What’s Cookin’ in the Kitchen

Three kitchen pros dish up advice for a stylish kitchen

“I think those of us in the trade appreciate the simplicity of a white kitchen. However we’ve seen so many in the last several years that the all-white look has become monotonous. White cabinets, white countertops, white tile, white paint. It’s beautifully pristine, but it can also look like a blank canvas starving for color. By adding color or texture, you can add personality and life to the space. For instance, I’m getting huge requests for colorful hand- painted patterns in kitchen backsplashes. Charcoal, indigo, aqua, and even coral. For clients who like a natural look, I’m also seeing more texture as they opt for interesting stone mosaics that are monochromatic, but utilize interesting shapes.”

Amy Sanders, International Materials of Design


“I try to encourage people to chose colors they like, not just what’s in style. That being said, white is always in style. It’s a timeless classic. It’s like a Tiffany’s pearl necklace: it goes with everything!”

Sue Shinneman, Kitchen Studio:KC


“What makes a white kitchen desirable is versatility and brightness. Whether classic or contemporary you can change the feel or mood with accessories, hardware or fabrics to accommodate the season or event. White brings a cheery aura to the room. One thing I might add from our decades of experi- ence is that white kitchens have always been requested in some fashion.”

Randy Sisk, Kitchens by Kleweno