Summertime Style

Kansas City designers share their advice for sprucing up your space for summer

“After a long winter, you will want to put away the heavy throws and coverlets and accessorize your sofas and bedding with brighter colors and lighter textures. Think white and raffia, clean and lightly textured throw pillows for your sofa and chairs. Lose the heavy furs and wovens, store them away until next fall. Grass green is also a great spring hue. Now is the time to paint. There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint on a stale, old wall. Work with one of the chameleon whites with a hint of green or blue.”

Mark Sudermann, M Sudermann Interior Design


“I think the easiest way to change the feel of a space seasonally is with a good scented candle. We burn different fragrances based on the time of year—floral fragrances in spring, such as gardenia and tuberose, citrus notes for the hot months like lemon verbena and heavier scents for fall and winter, such as wild currant. ”

Mike Cole, The General Store & Co.


“The benefits of fresh-cut flowers abound. Arranging and placing vibrant florals in a beautiful vase or family heirloom is the quickest and easiest way to add life, color and enjoyment to any space. Flowers have strong positive effects on our emotional health. I design a very color-specific arrangement for every one of my photo shoots and give them to my client as a token of my appreciation.”

Kimberlie Rice, R Designs