KC fitness experts share their favorite apps for yoga, running, meditation and more

Need a good stretch? How about some meditation, or a workout while on the road?

Kansas City’s health influencers, instructors and studio owners stay on track with fitness apps that keep workouts and recovery on point. Here are a few of their favorites.

Rachel Morris, health, wellness and fitness blogger

IG handle: @rach.carey 


Favorite app: Nike Training Club

Why: I’ve been in a six-year relationship with the Nike Training Club (NTC) app. I use it if I’m traveling, in a time crunch or can’t make it to the gym that day. I love that I can filter by muscle group, workout type, length of workout and challenge level. Whether I’m feeling a 15-minute, beginner yoga flow or a 45-minute advanced leg circuit, NTC has so many amazing options. There are even no equipment workouts, so there is no excuse not to add some movement to my day.

Cara Hannawald, workout, nutrition and healthy mom lifestyle blogger

Instagram Handle: @carasfitcode

Favorite app: SWEAT

Why: I love using the SWEAT app for my BBG workouts by Kayla Itsines. I have her PDF guides, but it’s so convenient to have this app on the go. I can literally workout anywhere with little to no equipment. When I’m traveling, I can do most of her workouts with just a mat and my body weight, and the workouts are only 28 minutes. The SWEAT app also features several other workout guides other than BBG which is nice when I want to mix things up.

Caroline Harris, owner of Barre 3 Kansas City


Favorite app: Insight Timer

Why: I love Insight Timer, which is a modern meditation app that helps transform my mind, body and soul. I use it to help me train my body to relax and my mind to calm.

Sarah Buchanan, creator of We Indulge Wellness Community + Events, spin instructor at Mojo Cycling Studio

Instagram Handles: @sarah.m.buchanan, @we.indulge


Favorite apps: Garmin Connect and Instagram

Why: It is a tossup between Instagram and Garmin Connect for me. I love my Garmin app because it allows me to compete against myself, set goals and measure them. But Instagram is where I am influenced by badass babes and snag a lot of inspiration for my personal workouts as well as teaching. I can reach out to @trialsofloveandfitness when I am training for a triathlon, or snag a quick leg day workout from @kelseywells. So many connections on there have become offline friendships; I just love it.

Courtney Filing, coach at Health House and avid runner

Instagram Handle: @courtneyfiling


Favorite app: Asana Rebel

Why: Asana Rebel has a wide variety of yoga-based power workouts for all levels. I specifically use the short 5 to 20-minute core and stretching workouts following a run. This app has been a great tool in helping me increase my flexibility and prevent injuries, both of which are key to improving my endurance while running.

Amy Morrison, yoga instructor and clothing designer

Instagram Handles: @yogamymorrison, @namastamy_kc


Favorite apps: YogaGlo and YogaDownload

Why: These apps provide tons of different classes from some of my favorite yoga instructors across the country. You will find everything from sculpt-yoga with weights, vinyasa and meditation. I love being able to have this app to continue my yoga practice on the go.