Bayleigh Dayton’s List

Bayleigh Dayton made history in 2017 by becoming the first African-American woman to win the Miss Missouri USA title. Her efforts as a role model for young women and advocate for sexual assault awareness and prevention efforts as a survivor have made a lasting impact in the Midwest and on a national scale, even leading her to be named one of Ink’s 30 Under 30 this fall. We caught up with her to glean some of her favorite people, places and things.

  1. CorePower Yoga. Self love is important to me, so the time I get to myself is more important than the time where I’m running around modeling, speaking, going to engagements, etc. (which is all the time). Yoga is something I do to decompress.
  2. You’re Already Amazing by Holley Gerth. When I read it, I was struggling with being too hard on myself. It’s all about reassuring you of the things you know about yourself, that you’re worthy and deserve to prosper. It was the fastest read I’ve ever had.
  3. Movie dates. I’ve loved movies from the time that I was little—they were a way to escape. My first date was at a drive-in theater and I could have watched all night. People want to go to the bar or out to coffee, but I’d much rather go to a movie to see how they react. I like discussing our thoughts on the film and seeing how somebody responds.
  4. South Africa. By far my favorite destination so far and even though western culture has rubbed off on them in a big way, everything is totally their own and so much different at the same time. There are penguins on the beach! It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  5. Kimora Lee Simmons. She’s a Missouri native that is also a multimillionaire. She has apparel and consulting businesses and is basically just a mogul. She’s modeled, acted, maintains multiple business lines and is a mother—she always puts herself and her family first no matter how many New York Fashion Week engagements she has. She’s always there in the present moment.
  6. Bio-Oil. It reduces scars and stretch marks and leaves your skin flawless. Every day when I wake up and put on lotion I mix in a few drops. A lot of people ask me what I use, but it’s as simple as that—and lots of water, of course.
  7. The Mixx sugar cookies. The Mixx is an awesome place where I can treat myself. Their sugar cookies are unbelievable and a rare sweet treat since I’m always on a diet.
  8. Lavender. After yoga a teacher once fanned a lavender-infused towel over the class, it’s always been able to bring me back to that positive place of stillness and relaxation.
  9. Barbecue. As a flight attendant I go all over the place and have pretty much been everywhere. When I come home, the only thing I crave is BBQ. Our family gatherings end up centering around the grill. It really brings us together and helps promote fellowship.