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Gray is the new beige. Many people are looking at grays to become a new neutral that updates and adds style to a space. And walnut is hot right now but will start declining in popularity as the material cost continues to increase. I anticipate a renewed interest in white ash and oak but in new finishes that are more gray to black in color.

Tim Butt, Black Bamboo

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I love watching the trends from fashion work their way into our weddings and events. I am seeing tons of patterns, and I’ve noticed that this inspiration has influenced linens, wall treatments, and the way flowers are being used. Clumps of floral paired with a hot botanical linen can add a bit of drama, and the layered effect this gives to a party creates interest for guests.

Dan Meiners, Studio Dan Meiners

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Blue, blue, blue! I love it. You just can’t go wrong. Every shade of blue is beautiful and it’s timeless. Blue is so easy to decorate with whether it’s a whole navy room or just a couple of pillows. Just blue, baby, blue!

Natalie O’Shaughnessy, O’Home

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Mixing metal finishes is something that was not widely done a few years ago, but you see more of it now. Having a house full of all one finish feels very sterile. I love the look of mixing brass and silver—even rose gold and copper are becoming popular to throw into the mix.

Jaclyn Joslin, Coveted Home

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