Yael T. Abouhalkah

Alamo Drafthouse punks North Korea by showing ‘The Interview’

James Franco y Seth Rogen en una escena de la película  “The Interview”.
James Franco y Seth Rogen en una escena de la película “The Interview”. The Associated Press

Score one for free speech. And take that, North Korea despot Kim Jong Un.

On Tuesday, the Alamo Drafthouse’s Mainstreet Movie Theater, along with other Alamo affiliates around the nation, announced it will show “The Interview” starting Christmas Day. Here’s the schedule in KC.

This is the Seth Rogen/James Franco comedy that everyone is talking about, given the corporate hack of Sony and the threats against theaters that would dare to show it.

Why? Because it shows Kim Jong Un being assassinated, not exactly the most politically correct thing in the world to do in these tense times on the global stage.

Sony initially last week pulled the film from theaters, bowing to the threats that may or may not have come from North Korean officials.

Even President Barack Obama got into the action, saying he wished Sony would have talked to him and indicating he did not think the movie industry should have given in to the cyber-threat.

So why reverse course at Sony?

The tiff with North Korea, of course, has generated huge word of mouth interest in “The Interview,” and that could help bring crowds to the theaters.

Plus, Sony faced withering criticism, within and outside its industry, for kowtowing to the anonymous hackers.

Summed up, Sony will release to the masses what pretty much sounds like a bad-taste farce of a movie.

And that will equate to standing up for the free expression of ideas in America.

Got it.

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