Yael T. Abouhalkah

What will those rubes in Kansas do next?

Kansans are used to East Coast liberal media types making fun of the supposed rubes from the Midwest.

But what happens when some Kansans — say, state legislators — actually act simple-minded and make the stereotypes appear to be true?

Well, we certainly have found out in the last few weeks as a torrent of bad bills and bad public relations have harmed the state of Kansas.

And here’s the big problem for residents: Who knows what in the world the unhinged part of the Republican Party will do this week — after already embarrassing the state by bringing up bills that were anti-gay, pro-spanking and anti-evolution in recent weeks?


Daily Show with Jon Stewart mocked Kansas

as well as Arizona for their attempts to deny services to same-sex couples.

The New York Times reported

that the adults in the room, in the Kansas Senate, had shut down that homophobic bill.

It almost makes Kansans long for the day when Gov. Sam Brownback and others were debating bills that actually mattered to the state.

Here’s one: How about getting to work and establishing an improved and realistic funding level for the education of hundreds of thousands of Kansas schoolchildren?

Unfortunately, Kansas politicians have made some big mistakes even when they have delved into serious matters, too. See the excessive tax cuts approved a few years ago.

So maybe having the lawmakers involved in real legislation might not be such a good idea, either.

Things are not looking up for Kansas as it tries to shake its rube status in early 2014.