Yael T. Abouhalkah

Sanity in Kansas: Brownback in big trouble in the polls

It’s only late February, but re-election for Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback in November isn’t nearly as certain as it once appeared.

A new

Public Policy Polling report

says Brownback actually now trails Democratic challenger Paul Davis, 42 percent to 40 percent.

Can you say ... Gov. Davis in 2015?

Why is this even possible?

Because Browback is darn unpopular with a lot of Democrats — of course — but more surprisingly also with a good number of Republicans.

Polls are polls, subject to much change in the months ahead, and naturally slanted in the direction of various interest groups that take them.

However, here’s one thing to watch in all of the polls: Is the Brownback-supported tax-change policy gaining steam — or losing favor — with Kansans?

In other words, are people seeing more jobs being created in Kansas, as the governor repeatedly promises? If so, his re-election chances grow.

But if that’s not happening throughout 2014 — and it didn’t happen much in 2013 — Davis will have a huge weapon in his arsenal to attack Brownback’s record in the fall elections.

Davis’s chances will be even better if he can make Kansans link the failure to get a lot more jobs and more tax revenues to the failure to provide high-quality services, such as good public education.