Yael T. Abouhalkah

Sporting KC’s sweet victory over obscene Real Salt Lake T-shirt

Remember that

obscene T-shirt

that some supporters of Real Salt Lake were promoting before the MLS Cup game?


wrote about the issue

and got slammed by some soccer “fans” for not understanding this kind of silliness is just part of the game.

But I wonder how those Real Salt Lake fans are feeling now?

Sporting KC, of course, won the MLS Cup on penalty kicks Saturday afternoon at a frigid but rocking Sporting Park in Kansas City, Kan.

It wasn’t an easy victory, which made the outcome probably even sweeter.

Now I’m left wondering: Did any hometown fans see the actual T-shirt that mocked Kansas City and Sporting KC?

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Yes, victory does taste a little sweeter for Sporting KC when this kind of issue arises — and the good guys win in the end.