Yael T. Abouhalkah

The deserved disgrace of Phill Kline

The Kansas Supreme Court has done the right thing by

finally ruling unanimously that Phill Kline

shouldn’t be allowed to practice law in Kansas for a while.

What a disgrace for a former attorney general of that state and a former Johnson County district attorney.

But what a deserved disgrace, too.

It was exactly two years ago that I wrote this about Kline:

“Preventing Phill Kline from practicing law in Kansas would be the appropriate penalty for repeated violations of legal rules during his shrill and unfair attack on the state’s abortion laws. The Kansas Supreme Court should uphold the indefinite suspension of Kline’s license, as recommended by a Kansas disciplinary panel.”

I noted at the time that Kline, par for the course, “continues to play the martyr, insisting he’s being persecuted for his investigations of ‘politically powerful people.’ What nonsense.”

Naturally enough, on Friday, Kline’s reps were singing the same song, saying the court had cherry-picked evidence to try to bring down Kline.

May I repeat: What nonsense.

Kline basically harassed women seeking legal abortions in Kansas — and medical personnel who provided those abortions.

Remember, the Kansas Supreme Court acted upon evidence given to it by a disciplinary board that — again, back in 2011 — I noted had not minced its words:

“It reported that Kline at various times misled a grand jury, relied on information his staff knew to be flawed and violated the public trust. Most damning, the panel said, Kline violated ‘the rules that prohibit engaging in false or dishonest conduct.’”


Kline did embarrass himself but, more notably, embarrassed the office of attorney general and the people of Kansas.

It’s good that an appropriate penalty finally has been meted out to him.