Yael T. Abouhalkah

Kansas evolves into national laughingstock on evolution, again

Charles Darwin

Here we go again: A group wants to block Kansas kids from learning about evolution.

Those new standards that Kansas has put in place to teach Charles Darwin’s theories on evolution as important scientific concepts?

Why, they are just ways to promote atheism and violate students’ religious freedoms,

according to a new lawsuit

filed this week by Citizens for Objective Public Education (love that name).

Never mind that similar standards are used in at least half the states across the country. Or that they were adopted by the Kansas State Board of Education in June to help children in the Shawnee Mission, Blue Valley, Olathe and other school districts learn about real scientific concepts.

This is Kansas, after all, where anti-evolution forces several times have made the state a national laughingstock with their obsession of trying to stop real science from being taught in classrooms.

Sure, the anti-evolution group had some success over the past 15 years, at least in their minds, when they were able to elect a like-minded majority to the school board. It approved

some absurd rules

for teaching “science” to Kansas children.

Here’s the money quote from The Associated Press story on this subject: “Kansas has had six different sets of science standards in the past 15 years, as conservative Republicans skeptical of evolution gained and lost board majorities.”

About six years ago, more thoughtful and moderate forces took over the board and put pro-evolution programs into place for Kansas’ K-12 schools.

However, the new lawsuit now threatens to again make the state the butt of jokes on this topic.

But it’s not really funny.

Children deserve to learn about evolution and scientific facts that could help them later in life, especially if some of them eventually want to go to college and get a job in scientific fields.