Yael T. Abouhalkah

Gun-loving bullies win again in Kansas and even Massachusetts

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback Thursday signed a pro-gun law allowing residents to carry weapons with no permits or training.
Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback Thursday signed a pro-gun law allowing residents to carry weapons with no permits or training. The Wichita Eagle

The push by gun-loving bullies to put weapons in the hands of almost anyone, almost everywhere and almost anyhow they can continued Thursday in ultra-conservative Kansas and even in liberal Massachusetts.

▪ Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback on Thursday signed a bill that will allow residents to stroll around with concealed guns without any permit or any training in how to use the weapons.

This is pretty much the definition of madness but, hey, that Second Amendment is twisted and warped by gun backers to support all kinds of questionable actions.

The law puts Kansas among only a handful of states that let residents without permits carry concealed guns.

Alas (but not surprisingly), Missouri is considering a similar law as well.

Proponents didn’t offer any evidence that this change was truly required to make anyone safer in the Sunflower State.

Instead, the National Rifle Association and others tapped into the pro-gun hysteria that’s warped the thinking of so many legislators in too many states in recent years to push the bill through.

▪ In Massachusetts, home of some pretty tough weapons laws, a gun-control group had worked out an agreement with several companies to donate billboard signs that carried a message opposing gun violence.

“We’re not anti-gun. We’re pro-life. Massachusetts gun laws save lives,” read the message.

Not controversial, right?


Gun Owners’ Action League, the state affiliate of the National Rifle Association, raised a ruckus and, as of Thursday, had forced the Clear Channel company to remove the messages from its donated billboards.

From The Boston Globe:

“John Rosenthal, co-founder of Stop Handgun Violence, said he was shocked that Clear Channel decided to remove the ads. He described GOAL’s tactics as ‘bullying.’ ‘It’s the same intimidation tactics that have worked for GOAL so effectively before,’ he said.”

Well said. Bullying is exactly the tactic used by overzealous gun proponents to get their way, whether it’s in Massachusetts, Kansas, Missouri or a series of other states.

When will the love affair with people-killing guns end? There’s no end in sight, unfortunately.

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