Public Editor

A rare correction that won’t be on Page A2

The Star’s corrections policy for the print edition is designed for simplicity and utility. Corrections should always run on Page A2.

The only regular exception comes when an error appears only in one of the news magazines or “zoned” tabloid sections that are distributed only to certain parts of the metro area: 816, 816 North, 913 and the Johnson County Neighborhood News. In those cases, the corrections run in the next edition of the book where the error appeared. However, there can also be an exception to that rule if the error involves an event that will take place before the next publication of the weekly book. There, those corrections run on the next available A2.

Today, though, a reader pointed out an error in the Automotive section. It refers to the upcoming Elio Motors ultra-high-mileage vehicle, saying it “accommodates only a driver.”

Not so, wrote my emailer, who has one on reserve. It can carry a driver as well as a passenger behind.

But the Automotive section isn’t generated by the newsroom. Rather, it’s purely an Advertising department product. And for that reason, it carries its own corrections. Look for that in print tomorrow in the Saturday Automotive section.