Public Editor

Leonard Pitts Jr. will return


I’ve heard multiple questions about Leonard Pitts Jr., whose syndicated commentary columns are a big favorite among many readers.

His last contribution ran in the print edition on Dec. 16, 2014. Has the Opinion section dropped him?

Nope. He’s still on the rotation, normally running on Tuesdays. However, he’s taken a little time off recently, and his most recent entry at his home base of The Miami Herald was posted yesterday.

That means it was too late for the column to be moved on the wire services, where The Star and other papers can pull it. The editors in the Opinion section assure me he’ll be back.

The future of another favorite, Maureen Dowd, is in a bit of limbo right now. Her role at The New York Times is changing, and it’s unclear right now whether she’ll continue to contribute commentaries or do another type of writing. The Opinion section is watching for her return.