Public Editor

How to contact staff members at The Star

I am taking a few days off, returning to the office on Jan. 2. I normally play a lot of traffic cop, directing readers and news sources to journalists at The Star.

So here’s how you can help yourself in my absence.

If reporters and editors are following the usual style, every writer’s email address and phone number are supposed to appear at the end of stories and columns. However, that bit of info is sometimes trimmed or omitted.

Individual staff members are listed in staff directories by department at the bottom of each main page on So, for example, you can click on the link to the main sports page in the navigation bar at the top of any page on the site. Then scroll to the bottom (hint: use the “end” key on your keyboard to go there in an instant) and you’ll see that department’s people listed by name and beat.

An admittedly imperfect aspect of this system: What if you don’t know which department the person works for? Yes, that’s an issue. I’ve suggested that the Web editors restore a single, static directory, as there used to be.

If all else fails, most staff members’ email addresses follow the first initial-last name formula.

Happy holidays to all. I’ll see you on Jan. 2.