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‘Where’ is important even for well-known attractions

Theatre In The Park
Theatre In The Park File photo

I’ve heard from multiple readers today who enjoyed a story this weekend about the 2014 season at Shawnee’s Theatre in the Park. But it was missing something.

“The article … was informative, but seems to lack one key ingredient: LOCATION,” emailed one. “I've read through the article and photo caption several times but can't find a reference to it. That seems to be a frequent omission with neighborhood stories.”

“There are many parks in the area and how am I, as a recent transplant to Johnson County, to find this venue based on the article?” wrote another.

This is a good example of one of those times where journalists who are familiar with their subject matter need to take a step back and look at the topic through the average reader’s eyes. It’s too easy to think, “Everyone knows where that is,” because these readers are clear evidence that isn’t true.

By the way, the park is at 7710 Renner Road in Shawnee. The editor has changed the online version to include that detail.