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Updated: Repeated crossword was an intentional rerun


Egg on my face. Like dozens of readers, I completely overlooked the note at the top of the puzzle noting it’s an intentional repeat. As Gilda Radner’s Emily Litella would say, never mind.

Original post:

Whenever there’s a problem with one of the many puzzles The Star publishes, I hear about it. And when it’s the New York Times crossword, that goes doubly.

The puzzle in the Saturday, Dec. 6 print edition is a puzzle already printed several years ago. Numerous readers noticed — more than one because they recalled the clues.

And yes, that’s how intelligent crossworders are. Bewildering to someone like me, who can’t get past the first five blanks most of the time.

The wrong digital file appears to have been transmitted. The staffers who put those pages’ layout together will find the correct puzzle and run it in a future edition, probably on Monday. There will be a note on Page A2 that day.