Public Editor

Friday’s print puzzles are there — but you might have to hunt

It’s never a good day when The Star goofs up something with the puzzles. Friday, Oct. 23 is one of those days.

The FYI section prints in advance for most editions. Just before Friday’s was set to go to the presses, the newsroom got word that a concert mentioned on its front cover had been canceled.

There was just enough time to send a new page and avoid having to run a correction on Page 2A.

Unfortunately, some wires got crossed in production.

The front page of the FYI section got replaced just fine. But in about a quarter of the copies printed, the old FYI cover somehow got printed on the back page of the section.

That means two things: First of all, the canceled concert is now mentioned in those copies that got the bad back page. It still requires a correction on Page 2A.

And worse for some readers, that means everything that had been intended for Page 8C was now omitted entirely.

Everyone knows you can’t have a newspaper without the puzzles — not to mention the TV grid, horoscopes, Billy Graham column and the birthdays. So the content had to find a home elsewhere.

The A section is printed overnight, so editors carved out space on Page 8A to run the missing FYI page in full. There is also a note on Page 1A.

However, I know there are many people who separate the FYI section first thing and never even glance at the A section, so I’m sure this mistake is going to furrow a lot of brows.

The best-worst part? The main headline on the section, on the review of the movie “Rock the Kasbah?”

“Dumb as a rock.”