Public Editor

The Star heard you: The daily crossword will be restored

Never fear, crossworders: Your beloved puzzle is returning to the daily FYI section, starting in the Saturday paper.

The Kansas City Star asked for your feedback on the new design that debuted Wednesday. The volume of feedback has been enormous, and that was no surprise. I’m well aware of how strong readers’ opinions about the paper can be.

It’s clear that the biggest complaint by far was with the new crossword puzzle that runs with the comics pages. Puzzlers were extremely upset at the new version that had taken its place.

“This new puzzle is an exercise in frustration,” said one representative caller. “The New York Times crossword, which you also carry, is for people who want a challenge and have a significant amount of time to devote to it. The one with the funnies is supposed to be fun. This one isn’t.”

“It was challenging enough but also simple enough that you feel accomplished when you get it done,” said another.

The reason I’m here as public editor is to be the reader’s voice in the newsroom. Here, the newsroom listened and acted quickly to bring back The Daily Commuter by Jackie Mathews.

Look for a column from me in Monday’s paper, where I’ll discuss more about the comments on the redesign that I’m hearing most often. And thank you, as always, for your readership.