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Is Charles Manson’s ‘bride’ newsworthy?

An interesting dilemma posed by a reader:

Apparently The Kansas City Star missed the wedding of the century. Charles Manson is getting married to a 25 yr. old woman, who is named simplyStar. It’s all over the Internet, except

He’s referring to

a story first broken by Rolling Stone

, I believe. And yes, it’s getting traction mostly in the gossip sites.

So is it really news? I’m not sure.

On one hand, Manson is certainly one of the best-known criminals in modern American history. But he’s also a prime example of one who has very deliberately courted media attention for decades.

Readers have often told me they think journalists should resist giving that sort of attention to unrepentant criminals in specific. So you could argue this one either way. When I put this to my emailer, he had second thoughts:

I see your point, as the wedding is totally an empty gesture by a best forgotten old loser. And his bride, probably hasn't got too much to offer the world, either. Best let him rot in obscurity.