Public Editor

Covering the Insider Threat Program

The lead story on last Friday’s front page of the print edition was about

the Obama administration’s Insider Threat Program

, which has been in place since 2011. In short, it requires federal employees to watch their collegaues for possible security breaches. Some more in-depth information about it

can be found here.

I’ve spoken to a number of readers who want The Star to continue to follow the program, as they see it as a larger danger for the public in general.

“This will chill almost all whistleblowing/leaking at all levels of government and will filter down to workplaces also,” emailed one reader. “I hope the Star will watch and report on this often.”

One caller had a different opinion, though, calling the story “overblown and reactionary anti-Obama hyperventilating.” She says there’s nothing illegal about the program, which is in place only to keep classified infomation classified.

As with many topics dealing with how government works, I think many readers let their personal opinions of the leaders implementing the programs color their perception of how they’re executed. But I see both sides of the coin, and have conveyed all these opinions to the newsroom.