Public Editor

Movie grid in Friday FYI will be back

I’ve talked to many readers today who expressed emotions ranging from curious to perturbed when they didn’t find the usual full-page grid of movies currently playing in the Friday FYI section.

“You just can’t appreciate how convenient it is to be able to take that page, fold it up and take it with you when you go out for the weekend,” said one caller. “We don’t always plan our schedule down to the minute, and you can look through the printed (grid) so much faster than you could pull up the information on a phone. Please tell me this was a mistake.”

I asked the head of the Features department, and she tells me its omission today wasn’t an accident. The Star recently switched to a new computer system, and that combined with training of various members of her staff left Features without its usual lineup of page designers this week. Since the movie grid is quite labor-intensive, they decided to hold it and devote resources to the rest of the section.

So fear not, movie grid fans. It will be back, though it may take another week off.

This is another lesson for those of us who lead most of our lives plugged in. Not everybody likes to look up information on computers or phones. And yes, I absolutely agree that it’s far faster to run down a print grid than to use an app.