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Missing clues to the Sunday crossword

Whenever The Star makes an error in a game or a puzzle in the print edition, I know I’ll hear about it from multiple readers. That’s especially true about the crossword puzzle.

And that’s why I heard from many avid puzzlers about the crossword in the Sunday, May 24 Arts and Entertainment section. What happened to some of the “down” clues, some of which were truncated, and others omitted completely?

It looks like it was a layout error. The puzzle grid was inadvertently stretched over the top couple lines of the clues, meaning they got trapped behind it and didn’t print.

There will be a correction in the print edition tomorrow. In the meantime, you can download a printable version of the puzzle here. (The version on this page is a low-resolution thumbnail of the downloadable puzzle.)

The missing clues:

1. Sapa __: ancient South American ruler

2. Jodie Foster title role

3. Relative of IMO

38. *Alpine feline

39. Spitting sound

80. Connie __, winningest MLB manager

82. Responded to a bad joke