Public Editor

Pembroke/Shawnee Mission East lacrosse photo page layout looks like bias to this reader

I will let this reader’s email speak for itself, about a page that ran in the Wednesday news magazines in The Star’s print edition this week:

I am calling to your attention the biased coverage of the Shawnee Mission East/Pembroke Hill Playoff lacrosse game in the Sport section of 816. Rarely have I seen such biased coverage of a game. If you had not been to the game or known the outcome you would have naturally assumed that Pembroke Hill definitely won the game. It was a full page of coverage with Pembroke Hill supposedly making all the successful plays and at no place was the final score printed on this page. FYI, SME beat Pembroke in this playoff game 12 to 7. I think it is obvious that someone at The Star has loyalty to Pembroke Hill. I checked and the same coverage was in the 913 section so this was not an article solely geared to a Missouri audience.

Photo choice and page design convey important information, just as much as the words that go along with them. And it was an odd omission for the game score not to be included on the page. This reader’s criticisms are fair and should be considered in the future.