Public Editor

One page, three typos

As a matter of principle, professional journalists should do everything within their power not to make typographical errors. Misspelling a name or transposing two numbers can introduce a significant error into news coverage. And sometimes those mistakes are serious enough as to require a correction.

That being said, I think people sometimes simply make too much out of typos. They’ve been with us as long as we’ve written and typeset language, and they always will be. But goodness knows there’s nothing Twitter likes more than pouncing on a misspelling.

The cover of today’s Sports Daily section in the print edition has not one typo, but three.

“Kendrys Morales blasted a tworun homer in the fourth inning that cut the deficit to 52.”

“Report says Patriots star quarterback Tom Brady likely new of plan to take air out of game balls during AFC Championship Game in January.”

Patroits QB Tom Brady (below) could be punished after NFL official Troy Vincent reviews Wednesday's report.”


I do agree that too many small errors can have a cumulative effect. It’s no secret that the entire publishing industry today has far fewer copy editors tending the gates than it used to.

I’m not convinced typos have become an epidemic in The Star — but every one is always regrettable. This many on a single page is a notch or two above that.