Public Editor

A departure from the usual correction policy

It’s pretty easy to sum up The Kansas City Star’s corrections policy: The Star corrects errors in print, on Page A-2 as soon as possible after the error is discovered and verified.

There are a few exceptions:

▪  Errors in agate — listings of data in small type, such as sports and financial stats — are corrected by re-running the info with the mistake fixed in the next chart published.

▪  Calendar mistakes are corrected in the next iteration of the calendar, especially as calendar items are self-submitted and the majority of errors there comes from the originators. However, a calendar correction occasionally runs on Page A-2 if the event takes place before the next regular calendar has the chance to run.

▪  Errors in sections that are distributed only in certain parts of The Star’s distribution area — such as Wednesday’s 816, 816 North and 913 news magazines — are corrected in the next edition of those books.

▪  On extreme occasion, the Page A-2 box has moved to Page A-3 when a page design or ad placement issue made it impossible to shoehorn the corrections into the normal spot. I can recall this happening maybe a dozen times over the past few years. It’s not a terrible thing, but I think it should be avoided whenever possible.

The April 2 corrections column was an example of an exception to the usual protocol. It sets the record straight on the work background of a Shawnee Mission school board candidate from a story in this week’s 913.

The error occurred only in 913, so why is the correction going to the entire distribution error the next day?

Because Election Day is April 7, and 913 doesn’t publish again until April 8. Letting voters know about the mistake is the most important factor here.