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Readers sound off on Donald Trump, guns, KC earnings tax

Trump as president

Think how much fun it would be the next four years if Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump were in charge. He is colorful and insightful and knows how to lead and how to balance a budget, and, most important, loves this country.

Sheryl Hay


Buying more guns

Two things have occupied my mind for the last few days, even weeks.

First: Most of the politicians who call for gun control have armed forces around them and guards around their houses — whether the White House or others. We everyday citizens, however, don’t have that luxury.

Second: The demonization of the police by print, social and digital media must give bad guys a message — the police are reluctant to use force to stop criminal activities. It will embolden the bad guys to move to neighborhoods that are easy targets for house invasions and carjackings.

These observations might explain why gun purchases are on the rise.

Chris F. Anderson


Earnings tax vote

As a non-resident, I had the responsibility of paying 1 percent of my income to Kansas City for the privilege of working there. It was fine with me, but it did take a bite out of my paycheck.

I see now that the earnings tax is on the April ballot. This also is fine with me because I think that such an issue is best left to Kansas City voters.

However, all parties should be represented at the polls on such an important issue — especially lower wage earners. The earnings tax is regressive and hurts them the most.

It is awfully easy to vote yes when receiving tax benefits, but much harder to do so when being taxed.

The only fair way to do this is to allow each non-resident worker in Kansas City to also have a say. This could be done by an official form at work for those paying the earnings tax. Then, their vote could be factored into results.

That way, all those affected would be represented. For KC residents against the idea, I would tell them to express their opposition at the ballot box.

Tom Davis


Church principles

I believe people should not attempt to make churches change their ideologies to suit lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer organizations. Court decisions have caused too many organizations to do things that were against what they stood for.

Others were told they had the right to exclude those who did not follow their programs. That alone could be considered discrimination.

There should be consistency. Churches should have the right to hold to their programs as the leaders understand the Bible principles. Each person has to answer to God for himself or herself. There is such a thing as right and wrong.

Linda C. Overton

Overland Park

Truman’s campaign

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump is ridiculed by the liberal press as a buffoon and ignored by his party leaders.

But he remains a leader in many polls. Can Trump really win?

Remember the 1948 contest between Democratic President Harry S. Truman and Republican challenger Gov. Thomas E. Dewey of New York?

Trump might take a page from the Truman election strategy and stump the nation with an old-fashioned city-to-city campaign. It worked for Truman.

Edward “Gomer”


Kansas City

Guardian angel

I want to thank a wonderfully good Samaritan. This person must have been my guardian angel.

I left my handbag in the child seat of a grocery cart at the Wal-Mart store at 133rd Street and State Line Road. I had some errands to run, and 15 to 20 minutes later, I doubted I would find it.

I went back to the store’s customer service desk, expecting the trip to be in vain.

But someone had returned my purse, unopened, to the lost-and-found department.

You don’t get a much better present than that. I hope the person responsible is able to see this letter.

Gail Lucas

Kansas City