Lewis Diuguid

Disruptions begin early in the year on the Plaza

The disruptions, fights and unrest among urban youths on the Country Club Plaza have started earlier than they ever have. That’s despite the cold and the snow — or maybe because of it with youths feeling cooped up.

The trouble on the Plaza normally is a spring and warm weather concern. But the problem got started early this year and threatens to continue.

Kansas City police on Saturday were called after fights started about 8:15 p.m., involving about 150 youths near the Cinemark Palace at 500 Nichols Road, The Kansas City Star reports. The disturbances moved and continued with about 100 juveniles in front of P.F. Chang’s China Bistro, 102 W. 47th St.

The problem of teens and preteens creating disturbances on the Plaza can’t continue if the area is to remain an attraction for people to dine and shop. There are too many other options for people such as Zona Rosa and Village West.

Parents and guardians need to do what they can to keep young people from causing trouble on the Plaza. The city’s tolerance for such behavior won’t last much longer.

An explosive outcome isn’t what anyone in town wants.