Lewis Diuguid

New Mexico continues trend, allowing same-sex marriage

New Mexico joins 16 other states and the District of Columbia in allowing same-sex marriage.

That action follows the New Mexico Supreme Court decision on Thursday, saying the equal protection clause in the New Mexico Constitution mandating equal rights regardless of a person’s gender applied to same-sex couples wanting to be married. The court ruling continues a national thaw in the hard freeze a few years ago against same-sex marriage.

The progressive movement could one day even spread across the Bible Belt, where many states like Missouri have enacted constitutional bans against same-sex marriage. A setback may have been the United Methodist Church this week defrocking a Pennsylvania minister who officiated at the wedding of his son to another man in 2007.

But back on the progressive side, A&E indefinitely suspended “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson for anti-homosexual comments he made in a GQ article. “Duck Dynasty” fans, however, have been supportive of Robertson.

What may work against him and in favor of same-sex marriage is that former GOP darling Sarah Palin reportedly has his back.