Lewis Diuguid

War waste left behind

Never doubt that war is always wasteful.

It is in lost lives, injuries to troops, lost productivity, rehabilitation of veterans, damage to property, scarred landscape and products made for war that could have been devoted to constructively building the U.S. economy. An added form of war waste is the machinery and equipment that troops leave behind in war torn areas, The Washington Post reports.

As U.S. troops pull out of Afghanistan, they are creating landfills of war waste valued at $7 billion. A lot of items such as treadmills, air-conditioning units, trucks, televisions, buses, armored vehicles and even ice cream scoops are being destroyed so they can’t be used in roadside bombs.

But rather than bring the goods back to the United States, the military is leaving it like junk left in outer space that’s too costly to retrieve. The use once and throw away practice may help military contractors but not American taxpayers.

They only benefit when senseless wars never occur.