Lewis Diuguid

U.S. needs to hit pause button on Syria

The political and social instability of Iraq could be measured most days in the number of car bomb blasts and the people those explosions kill.

On Wednesday, at least 80 people were slain by the bombs, showing that country is far from capable of quelling the violence resulting from the U.S. war in Iraq. U.S. troops are long gone, but the civilian slayings continue.

It’s another reason why the U.S. should hit the pause button hard before firing missiles at Syria to try to “help” end the civil war in that country wrought from the long-ago Arab Spring. The United States’ “help” with missiles will likely lead to U.S. warplanes’ involvement and then drones and then troops on the ground.

Pretty soon Americans, who have had it with Middle East conflicts, will be deep into another Iraq, another Afghanistan and another Pakistan. Meanwhile Iran’s growing nuclear threat keeps knocking at the world’s door, demanding attention, too.

What’s a superpower to do?