Lewis Diuguid

Cyberattacks increasing at universities

The ghosts of bad grades past had to be swirling in people’e heads when news hit that America’s research universities have been hacked.

The New York Times reports that universities have been fending off cyberattacks, most likely from China. Some hacking attempts have succeeded, yielding personal data such as Social Security numbers.

Cybersuccess breeds more hacking, putting a lot more data at risk. Schools have increased security and have become less open because of the assaults.

U.S. government agencies, businesses and the news media also have reported hacking attempts, likely coming from China. The attacks on universities has caused officials to restrict the culture of openness, which researchers depend on for collaborative efforts.

Hackers try to steal information that has commercial, political or national security value. U.S. officials have been talking with Chinese officials to try to curtail the practice.

But the cyberattacks to steal intellectual property have not ended, causing tension between the two countries to increase.