Lewis Diuguid

Southwest heat brings back uncomfortable Midwest memories

People in the Kansas City area certainly can identify with the folks sweating it out in the Southwest.

Temperatures have been well over 100 degrees in parts of Arizona, southern California, Nevada, and of course, Death Valley. The mercury in Death Valley topped out at 129 degrees.

But it was also more than 100 degrees in San Diego. Las Vegas recorded 117 degrees. Palm Springs over the weekend reached 122 degrees.

Kansas City area residents who made it through last summer’s heat can identify with what’s taking place on the West Coast. The temperature was high and so was the humidity.

In addition, the area suffered a drought, wiping out a lot of the vegetation, crops, bushes, trees and lawns. But the global warming naysayers don’t believe that humanity’s greenhouse gas production has anything to do with the planet’s climate change problem.