Lewis Diuguid

Bachmann’s exit from Congress draws cheers, tears

Most of the nation is probably rejoicing, although Rep. Michele Bachmann’s decision not to seek a fifth term undoubtably has the late night comedians in tears.

Where will they get camera-ready material for their stand-up routines? How will they get audiences to laugh out loud any more at congressional and tea party antics?

It is a sad day for comedians but a happy day for people who constantly did double-takes over some of the Republican tea party darling’s pronouncements, including saying President Barack Obama had “anti-American views.” Bachmann, 57, has been a constant critic of the persident — especially over Obamacare.

Bachmann also suggested that the HPV vaccine for girls it would lead to retardation. Not true.

Bachmann of Minnesota, who ran for president last year, would have had a tough time getting re-elected after a bruising battle to win a fourth term. She said, however, that was not why she was exiting Congress when her current term is up.